Our Business


Wood Pulp Representative

Bleached Kraft Pulp

Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp, Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp, Unbleached Kraft Pulp

Mechanical Pulp

Refined Mechanical Pulp

Recycled Paper & Pulp

Recycled Pulp from Waste paper

Recycled Paper Import & Export( OCC, DLK Etc. )


Paper Import and Export

Liner Board Import

Test Liner

Fluting Test Liner

Kraft Paper

Sack Kraft board

Bag paper

Kraft bag paper


Material Supplying for Hygiene Industry

Jumbo Roll Tissue

- Carrier Tissue

- Carbon Tissue


- Airlaid Paper for sanitary pad

SAP Sheet

- SAP Sheet for diapers


- SMMS, Melt Blown, SSS, Thermal Bonding Nonwoven,

Wireless Power Charging

Adult Diapers

Underwear Diaper

- Pull-Up diaper
- Cozion Underwear Diaper

Wide Magic Diaper

- Wide Magic Tape diaper
- Cozion Wide Magic Diaper

Hospital pad

- Hygiene pad for the bed

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